Congresul European de Pediatrie
5 – 7 Octombrie 2023 | Istanbul, Turcia

Dear Colleagues and friends,

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you all to the European paediatric congress EUROPAEDIATRICS 2023 which will take place in October 2023, in Istanbul, Turkey. 11th EUROPAEDIATRICS is the unique European paediatric congress for all paediatricians and is organized by EPA-UNEPSA (Union of National European Paediatric Societies and Associations) and by ARS EPA-UNEPSA. The scientific committee will organize a program which will cover not only primary, secondary and tertiary care paediatrics but also seminars and courses on demography of paediatric care, epidemiology of childhood diseases, standards of treatment, new technologies and last but not least on organizational strategies aspects aiming at improving paediatric care throughout Europe. Stimulating contributions of well-known academic persons, Nobel-prize-winning scientists and politicians will be provided.

Istanbul has been chosen as the city of venue during the General Assembly of EPA-UNEPSA, because it is a city where continents, cultures and history meet. Divided by the Bosporus it forms the link between Europe and Asia. The history of the city starts as early as 3000 BC. Around 650 BC, Greek colonists established the colony of Byzantium at the mouth of the Bosporus. In 330 AC Emperor Constantine the Great declared Byzantium as capital of the entire Roman Empire. The city was known as Constantinople from where the Romans dominated most important lands in Europe. In 1453 it became the capital of the Ottoman Empire which was among the world’s most powerful political entities for six centuries. Today, Istanbul is the most important city of commerce and tourism of the Republic of Turkey which will celebrate its 100th year. We are sure that you will enjoy our beautiful city with all its colors, sounds and aromas, historic architecture and exotic markets. Let paediatricians meet where the continents and cultures meet!

Mehmet Vural,
President of the Congress

Esra Sevketoglu,
President of the Scientific Committee,

Massimo Pettoello-Mantovani,
President, EPA-UNEPSA

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